Human Networking in the Relationship Economy.

Imagine if you had an app that had your back, that looked out for you while also always making sure to hook you up.... Social Impact Branding is a digital co-working marketplace

Do we need a class to teach people how to be classy or we moving into a classless world? 

Are we moving into a classless world?

Built by the people, for the people, to take care of the people….

A digital co-working platform built by the people, for the people, to put people to work.

Plutchik’s Model of Emotions – 2017 Update • Six Seconds

True story! #MondayMotivation #WomenLeaders #instadaily #bestofday #minneapolis #garyvaynerchuk

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How America-First Entrepreneurs Can Combat the Effects of Outsourcing

What particular areas do you think are of the highest value for client, customer, or your own professional growth?

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