Welcome to the GlobalSnapSwap Project Page!!

What started as just a Snapchat live video call with my new Australian buddy, @John Hungerord, ended with an epic collaborative goal with less than 10 days to pull it all together… and then manage to pull it off!!

The mission was clear and the challenge was graciously accepted to test out my own personal will power to complete this crazy idea in the limited time frame I set a positive professional example of the insanely high amount of value is produced in networking close connections and global reach just one interacting socialite admired by others.

“Pick up your phone and do something with your life… because I’m ready to #Tackletheworld from the palm of my hand!” – Ashley Kruempel

Check out this preview of the first #GlobalSnapSwap movie featuring over 30 countries giving a first hand, REAL TIME. personalized perspective of where they are in the world. We don’t want to hear a promotion but rather see a touristic view with a local navigator to assist in understanding the culture.