What We Do

​Social Impact Branding is a digital media company focused on helping small businesses/entrepreneurs, who are in high growth mode, create a strategic online presence in social media platforms.

Offered both as a service and a product, we have the ability to help the little guys compete with corporate America through providing value and creating relationships within the community thru A.R.T. Being Authentic, Relevant, & Transparent we uncover the WHY behind the WHAT and then translate that to the consumers through storytelling, engagement, and specific target marketing campaigns individually personalized based on demographics, diversity, and cultural differences appropriate for marketing.

In today’s market and at the current technology growth rate, social media is no longer just a trend or messaging site for teenagers. Whether the client is or isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or the newer ones like Anchor, and Snapchat, all of these platforms are a direct access point to integrate within a community of digitally connected consumers in every specific target market, regardless of industry.

Traditional marketing and sales techniques are rapidly losing effectiveness and quite frankly are a waste of money and time that could be utilized elsewhere with a higher rate of return than a cold calling marketing campaign. Large corporations have the funds and means to create an ideal online presence because they can hire multiple experts in web design, SEO optimization, digital architects and artists, on top of the IT department whereas small business owners tend to not have that as an option. In fact, most small businesses are not utilizing social media and those who are simply have a profile set up that hasn’t been touched in months. Social Impact Branding initially sets clients up with an initial social profile, or doctor up what is already there, and then provide a “How-to” guide that perfectly describes the strategy to build their own loyal community around their business as well as offering a monthly maintenance option as a service under an initial 6-month contract. Just being online is not enough to boost a business, it takes the 5 P’s of a strategic presence to get the most out of it: perspective, perseverance, persistence, personalization, & personality.

There’s a huge amount of technology and data surrounding the millenials & past generations…instead of trying to close the gap, we just cover it all by acting as an intermediary access point for the demand of products for projects to be completed directly to the suppliers that can complete those projects.

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