How We Work

We approach each situation from an HR perspective with a PR mindset combining the advertising, marketing, and sales industry with a special touch:

Authentic, Relevant, & Transparent relationship that truly is an ART.

  • Social platforms allow people and businesses to connect with the new era of constantly connected digital socials on their terms, a pathway is created to integrate the desired content directly to those consuming content.
  • People don’t want to be sold anymore, they hardly believe the used car salesman approach, and realistically make purchases based on what others are saying about a product through word of mouth.
  • Social Impact Branding initially focuses on a detailed discovery session with the client to uncover the reason why people should buy their product over the competitors’ product, then integrating that why into the social media platform most appropriate for their desired consumer through storytelling, engaging, and creating actual relationships inevitably creates a community of loyal consumers.

Using specific target marketing campaigns tailored to the ideal consumer, instead of the traditional coverall approach, is much more effective for a number of reason. Initially cutting costs on advertising is an immediate effect, which also allows for multiple advertising campaigns to run concurrently without drowning the market plus there is a higher return on investment; you will see the customers biting the bait, and then telling their network, who will tell their network and so on and so forth.

This kind of approach is extremely cost friendly, allowing a small budgeted ad reach thousands and thousands of ideal consumers.


Utilizing social media as a small business distinguishes a clear competitive advantage against long standing corporations with endless resources.