Visibility premium is clickbait freemium as cold calling is to warm marketing driving the same results

What’s a ‘visibility premium’ and why should you care?
Simply put: It’s the perception that products & services you see or hear about frequently are better than the same product/service you’ve only heard about a couple times.
On paper, it doesn’t make sense.
A product can actually be cheaper or have better overall reviews and still lose out, just because people are more familiar with a competitor.
It’s a critical point in marketing psychology: As it turns out, we rarely buy based solely on objective ‘facts’ of what is better.
Instead, consciously or not, we tend to privilege products or services whose names are most familiar to us.
We put a premium on something and LITERALLY think it’s worth more just because we’ve heard of it multiple times.
If you are selling a product or service, then, the trick is to get people to hear your name and know about your product not just once, but on multiple occasions.
It’s the repeated exposure that elevates the value of your brand in their minds.
This is where social media can work wonders — when you create good content on a regular basis, you’re more likely to show up in front of prospective clients.
As you design your marketing strategy, make sure you’re planning out various touch points where a client might encounter your brand.
With time and multiple points of exposure, your offering can morph from unknown to the premium option in their minds.
And when you’re premium, people will seek you out and pay whatever it takes to work with you!

Sorced from the one and only amazing Erica Blair!