Meet the Accidental Entrepreneur & Female Founder 

Ashley is a social media strategist, business owner, motivational public speaker, personal branding coach, and women in leadership supporter. She has worked with an array of clients from healthy lifestyle e-commerce entrepreneurs, mid-size IT companies, nonprofits, entertainment artists, corporate hospitality managers, special events for food and beverage industry, coordinating and executing special events, all the way to in depth discoveries sessions resulting in new business formation for stay-at-home moms as well as veterans.
Ashley has a genuine interest in learning about others from all cultures and diversities; but more importantly, helping others learn about themselves to lead a joyful life a less stressful and drama free existence with a sense of purpose. By providing value to others and in consumer engagement methods, like content marketing through storytelling, authentic growth hacking & rapid growth through word-of-mouth distribution.

Ashley is a great asset and a choice millennial motivator for embracing technology in all industries. Naturally born with a contagiously energetic and enthusiastic endlessly optimistic attitude, a great choice for inspirational brainstorming, attainable and practical implementation strategies & respectfully honest constructive criticism from an unbias & realistic source.

Ashley has been using Snapchat since starting her startup in social media because that’s where many of the experts in my field were… for her own professional reasons over the last 3 months and have spent hours and hours playing around with different strategies on how to grow her business. What she ended up learning was a fast track system on how to organically growth hack your reach! In fact, she even made the first ever Snapchat Movie!!

The film can be found under #GlobalSnapSwap and was an initiative to gather 50 countries (she easily settled for 30) to take over my personal Snapchat channel to give viewers a real time, live view of where they were at in the world from first perspective… So what’s left with at the end of the day is a little over an hour of film portraying a trip around the world, from the palm of your hand, all in one day!! Jampacked with amazing content from a personalized perspective from globally known Social media influencers.

Ashley founded SoPac,Inc., an edtech startup embracing BigData and the IoT by identifying synchronicities and connecting small business, startups, & entrepreneurs globally. SoPac uses social impact branding to leverage the digital economy thru social media; Ashley will teach you more effective ways to grow your business and use social marketing and media to brand yourself and your business online.
#AskAshleyK to mentor you on strategic social engagement!