What We Stand For:

Social Impact Branding is a digital media company focused on helping small businesses/entrepreneurs, who are in high growth mode, create a strategic online presence in social media platforms. 

Offered both as a service and a product, we have the ability to help the little guys compete with corporate America through providing value and creating relationships within the community thru A.R.T. Being Authentic, Relevant, & Transparent we uncover the WHY behind the WHAT and then translate that to the consumers through storytelling, engagement, and specific target marketing campaigns individually personalized based on demographics, diversity, and cultural differences appropriate for marketing.

In today’s market and at the current technology growth rate, social media is no longer just a trend or messaging site for teenagers. Whether the client is or isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or the newer ones like Anchor, and Snapchat, all of these platforms are a direct access point to integrate within a community of digitally connected consumers in every specific target market, regardless of industry. Traditional marketing and sales techniques are rapidly losing effectiveness and quite frankly are a waste of money and time that could be utilized elsewhere with a higher rate of return than a cold calling marketing campaign. Large corporations have the funds and means to create an ideal online presence because they can hire multiple experts in web design, SEO optimization, digital architects and artists, on top of the IT department whereas small business owners tend to not have that as an option. In fact, most small businesses are not utilizing social media and those who are simply have a profile set up that hasn’t been touched in months. Social Impact Branding initially sets clients up with an initial social profile, or doctor up what is already there, and then provide a “How-to” guide that perfectly describes the strategy to build their own loyal community around their business as well as offering a monthly maintenance option as a service under an initial 6-month contract. Just being online is not enough to boost a business, it takes the 5 P’s of a strategic presence to get the most out of it: perspective, perseverance, persistence, personalization, & personality.   

Social platforms allow people and businesses to connect with the new era of constantly connected digital socials on their terms, a pathway is created to integrate the desired content directly to those consuming content. People don’t want to be sold anymore, they hardly believe the used car salesman approach, and realistically make purchases based on what others are saying about a product through word of mouth. Social Impact Branding initially focuses on a detailed discovery session with the client to uncover the reason why people should buy their product over the competitors’ product, then integrating that why into the social media platform most appropriate for their desired consumer through storytelling, engaging, and creating actual relationships inevitably creates a community of loyal consumers. Using specific target marketing campaigns tailored to the ideal consumer, instead of the traditional coverall approach, is much more effective for a number of reason. Initially cutting costs on advertising is an immediate effect, which also allows for multiple advertising campaigns to run concurrently without drowning the market plus there is a higher return on investment because you will see the customers biting the bait, and then telling their network, who will tell their network and so on and so forth allowing a small budgeted ad reach thousands and thousands of desired consumers (assuming the product is good). Utilizing social media as a small business distinguishes a clear competitive advantage against corporations with endless resources. 
Social Impact Branding is easily a commercially viable business on a global level for a few different reasons. For the first time in history, the entire globe is electronically connected at all times make the plausible reach of a company in today’s market extremely further than in history and utilizing social platforms for business allows businesses to reach an exponentially larger audience but also creates opportunity for strategic partnerships and vendor options from all over the world. By integrating social media as a tool businesses have the potential to not only increase their customer acquisition but also the ability to cut costs by creating more price effective partnerships with people they would have never come in contact with otherwise. The ideal initial client for Social Impact Branding includes small business owners, entrepreneurs, mom and pop shops, ecommerce businesses like etsy, as well as craft and labor business such as wood carvers or painters. Our ideal client can be so much more broad than other industry or trade specific options because social media is all-inclusive and by using selective targeting for ad campaigns essentially only the customers that would already buy your product will see it thus leaving an untainted population of members within the community not annoyed by useless products being thrown at them. 

Social Impact Branding’s business model runs as follows: as a solopreneur with an extremely valuable personal network I am able to properly outsource specific needs for my clients in regards to monthly maintenance to the properly trained pool of freelancers as well as highly skilled individuals who are properly suited for said role I am able to keep my workload from overflowing and able to send work out to others who are so eagerly looking to put their own skillset to use, it creates a win-win-win scenario. I intend to integrate this same model thru expansion only instead of humanly networking out work, through technological algorithms identifying synchronicities in big data trends. Similar to Upwork or Fiverr, Social Impact Branding will be able to connect supply directly to demand on a global level for needs in the digital market as well as physical needs for laborers and blue collar industries which has never been done before. This information is extremely useful and beneficial to all businesses, but by only initially offering our services to those non-corporate affiliates this is an opportunity to empower the little people and create opportunity for them to realistically and strategically compete with corporate America. Think Angie’s List meets Uber with a twist of AirBNB for incentives and rewards to keep people coming in for more. 

Social Impact Branding is a cloud based company, already established as a C-corp with little to no overhead costs offering our services at a reasonably rate determined based on the clients’ needs. General rule of thumb is a 15% of the annual income initial charge for the product and then a 10% fee thereafter for monthly service and for higher earning companies we utilize the established marketing and advertising budget redistributed to be more cost effective.

The initial creation of this business was built completely by accident. I was able to authentically grow an organic network of over 3000 on LinkedIn in just a matter of months by practicing my social strategy: A.R.T. Being authentic, relevant, and transparent in my agenda I was able to create relationships with people on so many different levels and locations I realized that in of it’s own is a talented skill that many are not proficient in. I now have helped a few clients and as I approached max capacity I was able to network out work within my personal network. I intend to integrate this same model thru expansion only instead of humanly networking out work, I can rely on science. Every transaction that takes place globally produces data that in essence emulates around the business; called code halos. And through science we now know that as these code halos overlap other companies we can identify plausible patterns of the consumer. For example those who buy cheeseburgers, and drive GMC trucks are likely to listen to Kid Rock music… through technological algorithms identifying synchronicities in big data trends we can see and suggest strategic partnerships for small businesses to join forces together to compete more effectively and at a faster rate. I call this smack-stacking resources together to maximize positive results through forward projection models, no more looking at last years numbers. I believe this is a human based company focused on empowering people to do what they love to do by providing a platform to put any use to work. I have made 3 networked connections already and have raving client testimonials on what this kind of service has done for their business personally. I am also disrupting traditional business practices by working toward acquiring a similar social networking site out of Illinois for equity in my company but without exchanging money as both parties are in agreement. This person is also teaching this valuable information currently at the request of the state governor and we intend to copyright that material, as well as purchase some previously written leadership and training conference3 material for the US congress library geared toward helping C level executives integrate, communicate, and create valuable relationships with their bottom tier employees and turn all of that material into an e-learning course to supply all people with this information. This is a social impact in the business world by changing the rules and essentially putting the control into the little people’s hands… all they have to do is use it. I would also like to train this material through public speaking and keynote events to provide as much value as humanly possible to focusing on creating real relationships within the business community, loyalty is far more useful and financially beneficial than one hit wonders. I truly think this is a way to actually create a CONSUMER DRIVEN market, not just consumer oriented or accustomed too.